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Wellness Wednesday

Autumn is definitely here. What does autumn mean to you? It's a beautiful time of year as the colours change around us, and it heralds winter with darker nights and cosier evenings. It can mean more time alone, more time indoors and less time in nature out and about with people. This time of year can encourage some of us to withdraw and it can be a helpful time to reflect and think about what matters most to us and find ways to feel nourished.

Xiaolu Guo was born in south China. She studied film at the Beijing Film Academy and published six books in China before she moved to London in 2002.

Working with autistic clients, an interview, Counselling in Northumberland

Susie Orbach talks about and makes sense of therapy for 5x15. She is the founder of the Women's Therapy Centre of London and the author of Fat is a Feminist Issue.

I'm looking forward to reading Fletcher-Watson and Happe's book, Autism. Here's a brief extract.

Take care of yourself.

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