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Wellness Wednesday

How's your week been? The weather's so unpredictable at the moment and can leave us struggling to feel comfortable. Sometimes there's warm sunshine, pouring rain and cold winds all in a single day. Life can be similarly unpredictable too and test our mental health and ability to take care of ourselves as we rest and feel comfortable, overheat, and are buffeted around. Counselling and psychotherapy can offer a place to explore how we think about these experiences and respond to them. Here are some links from around the web...

Anil Seth talking for 5x15 on consciousness - the amazing Octopus!

Public perceptions of counselling and psychotherapy, BACP

Autism and PTSD, Spectrum

Women who take medication for their mental health share their stories, Refinery29

Laura Bates talking for 5x15 about GirlUp!

The therapy business, File on Four

We need to get rid of the stigma around mental health, Psychology Today

Take care of yourself.

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