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About Therapy

What is counselling and psychotherapy?

Therapy is a bit like a structured conversation where you can speak freely about your life without judgement. It isn’t always necessary to have a problem to focus on, sometimes it can be helpful to reflect on how you are thinking and feeling about your values, experiences and relationships.Therapy can provide the space to grow self-awareness, develop personally and achieve your potential. Some of the issues I have experience and an interest in are:


  • anxiety

  • body image

  • depression

  • female experience 

  • grief and loss

  • identity

  • neurodiversity (autism, ADD, dyspraxia)

  • relationship issues (partner, friends, family, colleagues)

  • sense of self/self esteem

This is a brief overview that we can talk more about when we meet.

What is the first step?

After you've had a look at my website and decided that you want to talk to me about starting therapy, go to the 'Contact' page on my website and write me a brief message about your reasons for seeking therapy.

If our availability* for sessions matches we will agree a date and time for the initial phone consultation which can last between 15 and 30 minutes. 


We will use the time on the phone call to talk about what you are looking for from therapy to see if I am the right therapist for you. There is no obligation to work with me at any time. If we agree that I could be the right therapist for you, we will book a first session together.

How many sessions will there be?

I offer one-to-one individual therapy on an ongoing, open-ended basis. Therapy ranges from one session to long-term therapy. We will agree an initial number of sessions during the first one or two sessions



Our work will involve a therapeutic conversation, with occasional creative work including drawing and using objects. We will look at how your thoughts, emotions and behaviour interact, and how they may be influenced by your relationships with others, both in the here and now and in the past. My role is to work with you to develop your awareness of the meaning of these experiences and start to consider the underlying needs you have and how these might be best met. We may agree on thinking to be done between sessions, and you may try changing your behaviour in relation to your growing self-awareness. My approach supports you to:

  • Explore issues with your mental health, body image, identity, grief, loss, and both personal and professional relationships.

  • Explore how your thoughts, feelings and behaviour influence your communication with others and development of healthy relationships.

  • Develop insight into relationships in the past and present and how these impact you today.

  • Find what works for you to improve your experience of life.

Beginning therapy

The first one-two sessions are different to the rest of therapy, as we will focus on assessing and understanding what has bought you to therapy and what you are looking for from therapy. We use this time to decide if I am the right therapist for you. After these two sessions if we agree to continue, you can then book individual sessions, or sessions in blocks using the 'book online' option above.

What is counselling and psychotherapy?

The BACP has put together a handy guide on what therapy is and what to expect, that you can read here.

*My availability through the website does not reflect my actual availability for phone consultations, as my current clients use the same diary to book sessions online. Apologies for any confusion this may cause. I occasionally won't have capacity to take on further clients and can inform you of this in response to you contacting me to enquire.