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Wellness Wednesday

How's your week been? I hope there's been time to put yourself first sometimes so that you have the energy to show up for the people you want to be there for.

Here are a few links from around the web...

What happens if your partner wants children, but you don't? Katie Bishop @Refinery29

Disability, sex and relationships roundtable, Hannah Witton

Barak Obama challenges 'woke' culture, BBC

1 in 189: my experience of autism as a woman, Chloe L, The Insecure Girl's Club

Laura Bates' feminist forecast, Glamour

When a soccer player's hijab started to fall off, her team mates gathered round to give her privacy @jordanfa

5 women who left the city for the middle of the countryside, Katie Bishop @Refinery29

Exercise, Ableism and Accepting Your Limitations, Genevieve Richardson, The Insecure Girl's Club

Paloma Faith opens up about depression, gender and parenting, the Times

Instagram didn't want my 'undesirable' selfies, so I fought back. Lex Gillies, @Refinery29

The break-ups that break, then make you, Rebecca Johnston, The Insecure Girl's Club

Jealousy, control & isolation, the warning signs of domestic violence. Erika W Smith @Refinery29

Feeling the pressure to reply quickly to social media and whats app chats? Refinery29

Take care of yourself.

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