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Wellness Wednesday

Updated: Oct 23, 2019

How's your week been? I went to Griefcast Live last week hosted by Cariad Lloyd at Guy's hospital. She talked and laughed with other comedians about death and loss. Guy's is supporting friends of people experiencing grief and loss to talk, and be there. It was quite a week, as the BACP private practice conference on body and mind took place too. Talks covered the menopause, body dysmorphia, sleep and body modification. I tweeted from the conference, so if you're interested in what was covered you can check out my twitter here. Here are some links from around the web...

An Ode To The Life-Changing Joy Of Saying ‘I Don’t Know’, Sadhbh O'Sullivan, Refinery29

Do You Never Truly Relax? You’re Not The Only One

Nick Levine , Refinery29

What To Do When Separation Anxiety Is Getting You Down, Molly Longman, Refinery29

Why we should dare to be more selfish, The School of Life

The neurodiverse woman

Greta Thunberg Says Asperger’s Is Her Superpower

Molly Longman, Refinery 29

Greta Thunberg’s Activism Helps Other Autistic Women See Themselves, Haley Moss, Bustle

Griefcast, Cariad Lloyd

Take care of yourself.

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